Sweet Treats at Family Health West!

During the months of June and July, when you visit Family Health West Hospital for a cup of coffee at their new coffee bar, you will enjoy a free treat from Kay’s Kitchen in celebration of the hospital’s one year anniversary.
“We call the dietary department at the hospital, Kay’s Kitchen because it feels like more of a café than a hospital cafeteria,” said Lori Henderson, Chief Nursing Officer “We’re excited to provide our patients and their families this added comfort when they need to come to the hospital, and when they don’t!”
Kay Garcia, Director of Dietary Services agrees, “I love providing healthy delicious meals for patients, staff, and our community and getting the feedback that it doesn’t taste like ‘hospital food’. She adds, “When we put up the billboard with the gingerbread man cookie with his arm broken, I knew we had to jump on that opportunity and actually have gingerbread men cookies at the hospital.” The cookies come in more than one flavor, but to find out which kind is featured for that day, you’ll just have to stop by and get one yourself.
Family Health West opened the not-so-new hospital in July 2009. The facility was the answer to a growing lower valley population that needed medical services closer to home, “The hospital provides our community surgical services, an Urgent Care, and emergency department, 16 private in-patient rooms, Medicare-skilled nursing and much more,” said Henderson, “We are proud to be able to take care of the entire family right here in Fruita.”