Family Health West Employee Promoted

June 2, 2010 Family Health West proudly congratulates Wade McDowell on being promoted to Family Health West’s Nursing Home Administrator. McDowell will transition from being the hospital rehabilitation services director after completing the Administrator in Training (AIT) Program, “I began the Program, a 1500-hour program approved by the State of Board Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators, in October, 2009,” said McDowell, “In addition, though not required to be an administrator, I have been traveling once a week, nearly every week to Salt Lake City, since August 2009, to receive an Executive Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Utah.”
McDowell has been with Family Health West since 1996, “I’m looking forward to implementing some ideas about Culture Change and continuing the Family Health West philosophy of exceptional caring,” commented McDowell, “Caring is very different from just providing care – a quote I take from our COO, Errol Snider; a simple, yet profound truth.”

Errol Snider, Family Health West COO, believes McDowell’s expanded professional development adds a considerable benefit to the community, “We are proud to have Wade’s expertise here at Family Health West,” said Snider, “We look forward to having his leadership at the nursing home.”
McDowell appreciates the support from his family, “I see this achievement as not belonging only to me. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the patience, understanding, and support of my wife of nearly 22 years and my youngest daughter, one of three, but the only one living at home,” added McDowell, “I’m so proud to work with a leadership team who is willing to grow and learn together to continue to improve the quality of life of the individuals who live here and to improve the work life of those who work here.”