Family and Resident Comfort Room

Our Family & Resident Comfort Room is designed to provide the best possible experience for patients and families in the patient’s last hours of life. Dedicated staff members offer one-to-one tranquil loving care such as additional bathing, massage, music, reading, aromatherapy, etc. The patient is comforted by tender touch and can enjoy the feeling of being in loving hands and not being alone. Families are provided with the peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving loving care.

Environment has an impact on our patients. This is especially true when a patient is at the end of their life. At that time, it is appropriate to decrease stimulation, allow quiet, and to provide more intimate surroundings for the patient and their loved ones. Our Family & Resident Comfort Room offers a peaceful and quiet place that allows for close one-to-one attention and privacy where grieving and goodbyes can occur on a more intimate level.