Family Health West Thanks Exiting Board Members

Fruita, CO (April 4, 2012) – Family Health West recently thanked four exiting board members for their excellent terms of service. William Byers (1998-2011), Richard Emerson (2004-2011), Buzz Binder (2006-2011), and Michael Aduddell,DO (2007-2011). “We have been so fortunate to have had these outstanding individuals serve the organization,” said Dennis Ficklin, Family Health West President and CEO, “It’s a bittersweet time as we wish them well on their next endeavors and thank them for their generous support.”
William Byers, former board chair shared his thoughts, “It’s been truly a rewarding experience being a part of an organization that consistently improves our community’s lives on a daily basis.”
“I have been a volunteer, a donor, a board member, an ambassador and most importantly, a family member,” said Richard Emerson, “My mother was a resident at Family Health West and received exceptional care from everyone she encountered. So did we, her family.”
Michael Aduddell, currently working in the Pacific Northwest commented as well, “It was a great experience working with such a fine group of professionals. I have a lot of respect for the staff at FHW and appreciated the opportunity to get to know them.”
” FHW has been fortunate to have the expertise of Buzz Binder, St. Mary's Hospital ‘s VP of Finance, on our Board,” said Dennis Ficklin, President and CEO, “What a great example of how the health care community in our area collaborates.”
Family Health West’s current board members include the following:
Thomas Motz, DO Chair
Stacy Mascarenas Vice Chair
Dennis Ficklin Secretary
Errol Snider Assistant Secretary
Jeffrey Freeland, C.M.F.C Treasurer
Physician Trustees
Kurtis Holmes, DO
Michael Hughes, MD
Sue Brown
Michael Dohm, MD
Kenneth Lewis, MD
Kristi Pollard
Jill Rimmey, DO
Tim Sarmo