Family Health West Announces New Wound Care Center

Fruita, CO – October 23, 2012 Family Health West is proud to announce the opening of their new Wound Care Center providing care for patients with wounds that will not heal properly.

The Wound Care Center, located at 551Kokopelli, Suite H, provides exceptional treatments for wound care, including therapies with electrical stimulation and ultrasound to accelerate wound closure. “The Wound Care Center’s therapies have proven results that reduce healing time by more than 50%,” said Dr. Fred Barbero, Family Health West Wound Care Team member and Medical Staff Director.

Some of the types of wounds treated by the Center include the following:

• Diabetic Ulcers
• Burns
• Ischemic Ulcers
• Post -Surgical Wounds
• Pressure Ulcers
• Traumatic Wounds
• Venous Ulcers
• Wound Flaps

“The goal of the Family Health West Wound Care Center is to provide a much needed service for our community that is professional, convenient and staffed with the professionals who are dedicated to learning and applying the best in health care services ,” said CEO and President, Mark J. Francis. The Wound Care Team includes, Dr. Fred Barbero, Dr. Diane Dill, Val Herrera, RN and Trudy Hoffman, PT.

For more information about the Wound Care Center , call 970-858-2586.

All appointments do require a physician referral and Medicare and Medicaid patients are welcomed.