Family Health West Outpatient Clinics and Services

Family Health West has the advantage of being a smaller facility offering individualized, convenient care with a personal touch in a nurturing environment. Services are available to individuals of all ages in our community and communication with physicians is prompt.

Family Health West Outpatient Services at Kokopelli Plaza

Coagulation Clinic

Imaging Services

Rehabilitation Therapy Center

Speech & Occupational Therapies

Pediatric Therapy Center

Wound Care Center

Clinical Services and Outpatient Procedure Center at Kokopelli Plaza

Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates

Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists

Outpatient Procedure Center

Dr. Linda Hamner, MD: (970) 858-2585

Dr. Kenneth C. Lewis, MD of Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists: (970) 270-2259

Dr. Ellen Price, DO: (970) 858-2585

Dr. Larry D. Tice, Neurosurgeon: (970) 858-2580

Map to facilities

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